Thursday, 12 June 2014

Clubbrock Radio Episodes 1 & 2

We stopped doing our 'Bass Heavy' shows on NTS at the end of 2013, so instead of letting a good thing go to waste, we decided to start our own podcast series, imaginatively entitled "Clubbrock Radio". Following on from the Bass Heavy shows, Clubbrock Radio, is all about shaking the speakers on the dance floor and making you want to dance. That means you'll hear House, Druim&Bass/Jungle, hipHop, Bashment, Grime - whatever vibes we're feeling at the moment. We're already two episodes, so get your skanking shoes and a listen to the tune selection!

Clubbrock Radio #2 by Clubbrock on Mixcloud

Clubbrock Radio #1 by Clubbrock on Mixcloud